Product updates – COREDINATE changelog

At this point you will learn everything worth knowing about the innovations in COREDINATE


New design of the app, change history for users, Mandatory tasks.

App – new design

The app now has a new global menu at the top. There, functions will now be accessible from anywhere, no matter where the user is in the app. Working time recording, notifications, operations and other system-related topics are now always presented at the top.


New functions

Change history for users

All changes to individual users are now seamlessly recorded in a history. Creation, deletion, adjustment of user rights, roles, assignments, and changes to user fields are recorded.



If a user is deleted, it is automatically hidden in the Administration > Users view. Above the table there is now a checkbox to display and restore these users.

Make tasks mandatory in the app

It happens that employees overlook or want to overlook tasks. To avoid this, there have been requests that it should be possible to mark tasks so that the completion view in the app cannot be left until all tasks are completed.

Under Master Data > Tasks, a feature can now be set to force a task to be completed at the checkpoint if it is due or can be completed after the scan.

This only applies to tasks on control points. A scan of the control point is necessary to control the mechanics.

If the task has a form and the device does not have an active form module, the employee can still exit the view without completing the task.


New multiple actions

There are now new multiple actions in some places to simplify and speed up the work with Coredinate. The following actions have been added:

  • Master data > Tours: Assign several tours to one area
  • Master data > Tasks: Assign multiple tasks to control points and/or areas
  • Administration > Users: Remove individual rights from multiple users
    • With the integration of teams and roles, it should hardly be necessary for employees to have individual rights.
    • So that now not each individual user must be clicked through, one can remove now fast the individual rights.



New functions


With teams, you can now organize users into a new entity. Teams can be assigned to groups and roles. This way, there is no need to manage each individual user. Simply assigning a team is enough to quickly make all settings for new users.

Under the work results you will now find new filters to filter by teams.

In the user listing you will find a new multiple action that allows to quickly assign teams to many users.

Send reports as CSV

Under Reports > Reports you can now choose between PDF and CSV data type.

Export as Excel file (.xlsx)

Excel files can now be exported directly in all work results. 

PDF Previewer

There is now a PDF previewer for uploaded PDF files in various places in the portal. This includes the file manager, tasks and messages.

ID for events

A new ID column is now displayed in the events. In addition, you can also search for a specific ID in this view.

Download processes with all attachments as ZIP

It happens that tasks and their subtasks can have some attachments. In order to be able to download a task in a uniform way, it is now possible to export all relevant attachments together with the task PDF in a ZIP archive.


Re-dispatch when an event is changed

When an event is reported, relevant information may be added. A feature can now be used to control the reactivation of notification rules.

Categorization of user rights

All user permissions are now categorized and have detailed tool tips to have a better understanding of their impact.


Bug fixes

  • Operations can now be exported correctly via the work result page.
  • If an email server is configured and an employee sends an error log through the app, the set sender email address will no longer be used to prevent SPF issues and the email from reaching COREDINATE.
  • In certain user rights constellations there could be errors when adding widgets to the dashboard.


  • The portal has been optimized in many places so that the following views can now be printed:
    • Customers
    • Operations
    • Tasks
    • Tours
    • Key
    • Contact
    • Customers > Areas
    • Customers > Areas > Checkpoints
  • When selecting a time frame, the time will now default to 00:00 to 23:59.


Bug fixes

  • Control points can now be exchanged again.
  • The event type is correctly displayed for form outputs in a pre-assigned field during direct export via the portal.


  • When changing the page of work results, the selection now remains for export.



GPS control points radius can now be reduced to 5 meters

For some requirements it is necessary to make the radius very small. However, it should be kept in mind that employees must remain in place until the device can provide appropriately precise data and the accuracy depends on local conditions.

Bug fixes

  • When moving device licenses, the Flexible Forms module was not moved as well.
  • Own customer / area attributes could not be edited under certain circumstances.
  • After creating a GPS checkpoint in the area view, the automatic forwarding did not work.
  • Area data could not be edited under certain circumstances.


Deactivate/archive customers, device filter in work results, transfer multiple keys via portal

New functions

Deactivate customers

It happens that customers pause or terminate guarding orders, but you want to keep the data and the structure without overloading your overview.
For this purpose, you can now deactivate a customer in the Master data > Customers view.
As a result, all tasks and tours that were exclusively assigned to this customer or indirectly to its areas will now be paused. This means that areas, tasks, tours are no longer shown in the app.
The deactivated customers can be shown again via the checkbox above the list. 

Devices filters in work results

All work results now have a filter to search for the device that captured the result.


Transfer multiple keys via portal

In the portal for key transfers, multiple keys can now be selected and transferred at once.

Search selection field for task completion via the portal

The dialog now shows a search field where you can search for a task. A click opens a list of available tasks.
Especially with many available tasks, the selection was very tedious even if the name of the task was known.

Work results - Key filter now offers keys hanging on a bunch

Previously, it was not possible to search for a key that was attached to a key ring. Now, these keys are also offered and the result set shows, if applicable, the keyring to which the searched key was also passed.

Optimization Customer Master Data > Areas > Control Points

Optimization has been performed so that these pages load much faster, especially for larger volumes.


Devices assignment adjustment


At the first login with a new device, the assignment of the current user is copied, so that this user can also see and manage the device in the portal. 


Ticket system, form completion via portal user-based modules, devices can be assigned

New functions

Modules can be activated by yourself

Under the new menu item Administration > Modules, further modules can now be added for function expansion. 

The first modules are the ticket system and form entry via the portal.

In the future, more modules will be added, which can then be managed and activated there.

To see the menu item, book the modules, the user must have the role Administrator.

Devices can now be assigned to groups

For a better overview, devices can now be assigned to customers and areas. The users who have the corresponding assignments can then only see their devices in the portal.

Under the views Master data > Customers and Master data > Customers > Area there is now a new tab Devices in which all devices are shown that are directly assigned to the customer or area.

Assignments can be made in the device view.



Two factor authentication, working and range times record device

New functions

Two factor authentication

To increase the security of user accounts, you can now enable two-factor authentication. After successfully entering your credentials, a six-digit code is then requested, which you can send to yourself by email or read on an authorization app of your choice ( Authy, Google Authenticator, ..).

You can read how to enable 2FA here.

Working and range times record device

From now on, there is the Device column for the two time records. As usual, also all export and filter options.

If the time recording is started via the portal, the portal is recorded as the device.


New functions

Devices at work results

The devices with which the data record was entered are now displayed in the work results.

This affects:

  • Events
  • Checkpoint detections
  • Tasks
  • Tours
  • Handover of keys

All corresponding work result pages have received a new Device column for the table and now show the device in the right detail view.

In addition, all report types have received a column accordingly.


Tour duration defaults, new widgets for scheduled tours & tasks.

New functions

Tour duration specifications

Contracts in the security industry are usually calculated on the basis of length of stay, so that bids can be submitted.

However, there are very often cases when the guarded customer then overstretches the time with special orders and an order may become unprofitable as a result.

To get more control over this problem, a maximum duration can now be entered for tours and then later filtered specifically which tours exceed the time frame.

On the other hand, there are colleagues who run through a property at record speed, as a result of which the agreed lengths of stay with the customer are not adhered to.

For this, there is now the specification of a minimum tour duration.

Both values can be shown to the employee in the app or used as a pure control tool for follow-up control only.

Defaults in the Tour view

From now on, you can specify the minimum and maximum duration of a round in minutes.


Display and recommendations in the app

The defaults can be displayed in the app in the tour view.

Recommendations are then made to the employee during the round should he/she walk the round too fast or too slow.

New column Duration in the tour completion

The column now shows the duration of a tour.

Should a tour have specifications, compliance will be shown.

A new filter allows the precise selection of such tours

Documentation of breaks in tours

From now on, pauses in tours will also be recorded and deducted from the duration.

Breaks can now be displayed in the detail view by clicking on the table row.

Restructuring of the Times column and new Duration column in the report

The column Times in the report with the type Tour completion now shows start & end of the tour in addition to the break times.

The new column Duration shows the duration of the tour minus the breaks. 

Scheduled Tours  &  Scheduled Tasks  Widget

Two more useful widgets are now available for dashboards.

The widgets show all tours and tasks with schedules and can simulate execution times indefinitely into the future.

New notification rule for status changes for operations

A new notification rule type is now available that automatically sends email notifications when tasks change to the desired status.

For this the ticket system has to be activated, contact our sales department if you want to test or purchase the feature!

Mark remark at checkpoint as not available

When a checkpoint is marked as not available, a note can now be stored, which is then shown in the portal.


Widget Working hours, Hide disabled entries

New functions

Working hours widget

The Working hours widget is now available and can be included in dashboards. It shows the working hours of the employees and can be configured as usual. It also responds to real-time events and immediately shows when employees clock in/out.

Filtering by replacement scans in tours

The new filter Replacement scans can now be used to search for specific round robin tasks that contain replacement scans.


Hide disabled/inactive entries

In some views, the deactivated entries are now hidden by default to provide a better overview. With a click on the checkbox, the entries can be shown again.

In the following views this is now the case:

  • User
  • Tours
  • Tasks
  • Customer > Areas
  • Customer > Area > Tasks
  • Customer > Area > Tours

Right Manage own range time enables creation of punch entries

A user can now use the right to create punch entries that are in the past, so that time periods can be subsequently entered.

This was previously only possible via a workaround in which a time was stamped and then edited.


  • New column Number of keys
  • New column Form for tasks
  • Multiple tours can now be deactivated at the same time via multiple selection
  • In the area view, tasks and tours now show whether a time schedule is stored
  • When assigning an access medium in the app, inactive users are no longer shown


Operations in the app

New features

Operations in the app

As of today, processes can be edited in the app.

To view an operation, the operation or a subtask of the operation must be assigned to an App user.

The app user will then receive an instant notification.


If the task is assigned directly to the user, then the user will have full access to the task data. This includes the subtasks, comments, linked events, uploads and the change history.

If the user has only one assignment to a subtask of the task, then the user can only edit exactly this subtask.

Status changes are updated between portal and app in real time!


Global search, report type Tasks with form

New functions

Tasks with form report type


Now you can have completed tasks sent to you automatically at the set interval, together with the form, with or without output.

  • The desired forms can be filtered in the report
  • It can be defined whether the form should be sent with or without output

Global search

Press CTRL + K or click on the search field in the side menu. After entering a search term, the system searches for matching entries of various entities. The following can be searched for:

  • Name of customers, areas, control points, tasks, tours, equipment.
  • First / last name / of a user
  • The Tag-Id of a checkpoint
  • The UUID / IMEI of a device


Tour View > Route Points

The design has been revised to simplify the management of route points. By directly entering a rank, the position can be easily managed even for large tours. Drag'n' drop can also be used to make quick changes to the order.

Tasks - & Tour View

It is now shown in the General tab whether the task or the tour is referenced in a notification rule.


  • Simplified entry of times via portal for Flexible Forms using a time picker.
  • The Define recipients dialog for notification rules has been optimized so that performance is possible even with a large number of users.


Performance optimization

Strong performance increase of work results

Accounts with a lot of workloads that had accumulated over years could experience slow queries. This was especially noticeable with the Dashboard and its widgets.

By optimizing the infrastructure, performance increases of up to 100% could be observed. Queries have dropped from > 30 seconds response time to a few seconds.

Especially if additional filters like the tour status were used, timeouts could occur.

This has now been permanently remedied.


Multilingual shipping options

New function

  • All emails that can be sent can now be assigned a time zone and language so that the recipient receives the correct times and languages, as desired. This is now possible for:
    • All reports shipping rules
    • All notification rules
  • In the report preview, the language and the time zone can now be selected for a preview of the report in the respective language.
  • The languages are German, Polish, English, French.


  • When creating an event in the portal, the event type can now be selected more conveniently by entering the first letters of the event in the search field and suggestions are also displayed.
  • If a replacement scan was made in the walk-through, it is now possible to click on the walk-through under Work results -> Walk-through completion or in the dashboard widget to then select the corresponding checkpoint in the detail view, so that you can jump directly to the checkpoint in question.

Bug fixes

  • If a user did not have the Read user right, he could no longer view his own profile.
  • The Rollers table column in Administration -> Users now correctly sorts roles by click, so that users with the Administrator role, for example, can be found more easily.


Attachments of subtasks in operations

New functions

  • In the Attachments tab of an operation, the attachments of the subtasks are now also shown for a quicker overview
  • The button Document task has been added in the watch book.

Bug fixes

  • After editing an event, the line marker has been lost.
  • Better compatibility in Safari and iOS


Share dashboards, new range times report, browse form fields.

New functions

Share dashboards with users

Dashboards can now be shared directly with users or assignments. Users can thus share pre-built dashboards with other users so that users do not need to know how to configure and manage dashboards.

The new user right Read/Manage shared dashboards allows to control shared dashboards from other users, for example to undo the sharing of his dashboard. The right is assigned to administrators by default.

An application scenario:

They have given their customer access to the portal and can now create a dashboard and share it with the customer to more accurately address their needs. While events are most important to one customer, only certain tours may be important to another. Use widget filtering for precise control of information.

Search content of a form field

In Work results -> Events, task completion it is now possible to search for the content of a form field input in the Filter button for Search form field value.
The search is limited to text, number, date, time.


You have a field in the form called Meter number of type Text. When you fill in the form on site, the meter number is now entered. You can now search the portal for the task / event for which there is a form completion that affects this counter.

New area time report

The new report form now breaks down the total working time of each employee for each area and customer individually. In addition, the sum of all areas and customers is then displayed once at the end.

To do this, go to Times > Range time recording - set the time filter to last month, for example, then select all entries via the checkbox, click on Export > Range time summed (PDF) and you will get a PDF with the following structure:

Split Working time/area times (own) right

The right to allow the user to view their own work/area times has now been split into two separate rights for finer control of the permission.

Every user who had the right Working time/area times (own) will now get the two new rights.

Isolate Cost centers right from Company profile

There is now a new right to manage the cost centers without having access to the full company profile. For full manageability, the user needs the Read devices right to assign new devices to a cost center. All users who had the Read/Manage Company Profile right automatically got the new right.

New notification type New device registered

This new notification type now sends an email to a defined group of recipients when the system detects a new device.

The setting can be created under Evaluations > Notification rule. There may be only one of this type per client.

Traceability of incorrect logins

If a user tries to log in, but enters an incorrect password, in the portal or app, then this login attempt is now recorded and displayed under Administration > Users in the user profile in a table including the time.

The login attempts are kept for three months and then automatically deleted.

More improvements

  • The completion progress of an operation is now shown directly in the detail view
  • The design of the detailed views of operations has been revised
  • Only unacknowledged alarms that are not older than 24 hours are shown in the receiving center.